Mandy Johnston is a practicing visual artist who was born, lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa. She obtained her Master’s degree from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2003. Since then Johnston has taken part in many exhibitions and collaborated on various inner-city art related projects. Including a solo show at the bag factory, works for the group show held at the Johannesburg art gallery titled "Negotiate" and being commissioned to make a work for the "Makeshift" project, initiated by the Joubert Park Project and Canadian National Art Gallery. Johnston has organized many art events in and around the city. She currently takes on sculpture commissions and teaches part time and is the workshop coordinator for a visual arts facilitation organisation called Assemblage.


I am interested in contextual values, definitions and symbolisms attributed to materials. I am interested in the notion that things are often defined by their antithesis and that often the formation of a value is around the threat of absence. There is pain and fear associated with absence, with a thing that once filled space both literally and figuratively, now open and vulnerable to be absorbed, used, ignored or quoted. My work almost always refers to a specific historical and cultural context.


Name: Mandy Johnston
Date of Birth: 29/11/1978
Place of Birth: Johannesburg
Marital Status: Married
Nationality: South African
Language: English

Higher Education
2003 Master Fine Arts, University of the Witwatersrand.

PPC young sculptors awards 2015: "Caste" cement and steel pins on Perspex.
Materiality 2014: "Ouroborus I – XI", Inhale I, II, III. And concept drawing for Inhale. Inhale I, II, III in copper wire. Aug1.
Turbine Hall Art Fair 2014: "Ouroborus I and II" Concept sketches in copper wire on paper. 630 X 760mm.
Nirox Sculpture Fair 2014: "Duality", Copper 6.5 x 6.5m with extension cables.
Bayliss Gallery 2014: "Exorcising the Fetish" Triptych. Monoprints and oil paint Concept sketches for sculptures.
Absa Atelier 2014: Absa Gallery, "Ouroborus" 2014, copper. "Exorcising the Fetish" Triptych. Mixed media sculptures.
Diptych Assemblage: Group exhibition, Salt drawing and Sculpture "A Negotiation" In collaboration with Sandile Radebe. (2013). 2 x 2.5m. 19 Sept.
Absa Atelier 2013: Absa Gallery, "Fabricated", pin holes in Fabriano 50% cotton rag paper, 19 July (2012). 1.2m x 800mm, A diptych.( with rivers and contours)
Turbine Hall Art Fair 2013 "Dutiful object II: Oroborous" copper wire (2013) 800 x800mm.
KKNK, 2013 29 march "Dutiful object II: Oroborous" copper wire (2013). 800 x 800mm
New Voices group show, Artspace gallery, "Dutiful object I: Pomogranate", Mixed media, resin and silver, Nov 22 – Jan 30 (2013). 1000 x 220mm.
Ithuba Trust Group show, "traversed and recorded 2012", Two titles, one work: "Become like me and I will accept you" / "I am a stranger without you". Mixed media, 2.5 x 1.8m
Outsiders group show, "Fabricated I and II", 50% cotton paper, Sept 4 – Sept 10,
(2012). 1.2m x 800mm, A diptych. (Without rivers and contours)
Absa Atelier 2012, Absa Gallery, "Coir", Coir on Paper, 19 July (2012).
<dis/play>,Goethe on Main, "Playground I, II, III", playground sand on Fabriano19 Jul- 6 Aug (2012).
Subject to Change, Room , series of vessels, mixed media, April 18 – May 31, (2012).
NewARC Studios launch exhibition, Newtown, "What demolish meant?",wax and bricks, Installation. (2012).
Jan Cilliers group exhibition, "War of the worlds I, II, III", 22nd March (2012)
Artspace group show -360 degrees of Joburg(2011):''War of the worlds - playground', 'War of the worlds- topstar 1 and 2'.
Assemblage Fringe exhibition (2011)- Johannesburg Art fair - 'Coir'- sculpture and Drawing
PPC Cement young sculptors awards - 'Transending the material' -A sculpture- Merit award (2011)
Assemblage Launch exhibiion(2011) - Salt installation
Sasol New Signatures competition (2010) - Digital print    
Negotiate-Johannesburg art gallery (2004) ‘Arbitration’ - A performance piece curated in collaboration with Anthea Moys.
Joubert Park and Johanesburg Art Gallery- "Salt Lines" - A performance piece for "Makeshift" -A project initiated by the Joubert Park Project. Johannesburg and Canada art galleries(2003)
The Bag Factory - Masters Exhibition: Solo show. Bag factory Johannesburg. (2002)
ABSA Atelier (1999)- '
Sasol New Signatures competition (1999) - 'Beauty and Danger' digital prints from the com glass series.
Gertrude Posel Gallery- Marteinssen  (1998 and 1999)- University of theWitwatesrand exhibition. "Heirarchy" and "The Odradek"An indefinate object- sculptural  installation based on a description in a short story by Franz Kafka.
Selection for work to be exhibited in the USA representing the University of the Witwatersrand body of works(1999)- polital posters and hand made paper, with digital prints.

Projects and seminars:
Museum of modern art New York –Art Institutions and Feminist Politics Now -attended (2010)
Artspace Seminar- Attended- Professional practice for the visual Arts (2010)
Summer art event- organised and exhibited (2009)
Fietas Festival- organisation and installation for Bronwyn Lace and the Bag Factory( 2009)
Max institute of art- Urban weaponry Installation. Jewellery with dual functionality. (2007-8)
Occupied Art Events- art events johannesburg(2004-2005 )
Assistant-Hannelie Coetzee (Photographer), various projects(2002-3)

‘Arbitration’ - A performance piece curated in collaboration with Anthea Moys, part of negotiate exhibitions at Johannesburg art gallery (2004)
"Salt Lines" - A performance piece for "Makeshift" -A project initiated by the Joubert Park Project. Johannesburg and Canada art galleries(2003)
‘Art in the Inner City’ Project. Cell C -Billboard artwork (2002)
World Summit  Sustainable Development - Artwork - honey and digital print (2002)

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