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'Makeshift' at the Johannesburg Art Gallery

The Joubert Park Project continues to examine the Johannesburg Art Gallery in relation to its surroundings. In 'Makeshift', an exhibition of interventions, 26 artists work in and with the park, markets, and taxi ranks. The pressures of daily survival in these areas, combined with the resourcefulness of the people who live, work, or pass through them, leads to a continual reuse and reformulation of space and objects that often appear makeshift and temporary.

'Makeshift' aims to examine the contradictions and connections between the fixedness of the Gallery and the relative flux characterizing its immediate environs.

Each artist was given a production budget of R100 to work in a public and interactive way, with limited time and resources. The interventions have been taking place throughout the month of August, in a variety of locations. Each project has been documented and reconfigured in the Gallery as an intervention in itself.

Several projects are still happening throughout the week of August 25, with the JAG as the starting point for most of them.