March 11, 2019

Spun. KKNK. 2019

in Solo exhibitions

by Super User

A few years ago a visual illusion of a spinning silhouetted figure made the rounds on social media. It was created by designer Nobuyuki Kayahara with the aim that the spinning be perceived in either direction. Viewers on social media platforms were led to believe the direction of dance was due to their left or right brain dominance. Scientists and psychologists have more recently argued that the phenomena is more to do with whether the viewer perceives they are looking at the figure from an elevated or lowered angle. The shift in angel shifts the perception of the direction of the dance. As I understand it, everything within perception is mitigated through a series of filters and contexts, spun from what we experience, from what we choose to believe and these perceptions ultimately alter our engagement and understanding of society as a whole. This exhibition draws attention to a human…