New Arc Studios

Title: “What demolish meant?”

Medium: Brickfield bricks retrieved from building site (Carr Street), cable, wire and candle wax donated by Prices Candles(Carr street).

Statement about artwork

Housed in a building that is demarcated by the Johannesburg municipality as having been demolished, this work visually describes how ‘we’ as occupants of spaces are responsible for how materials 'hang' together, the formations and thereby the connotations they take on.

It is a metaphor for the studio space. As the candles melt, the bricks move downward and the candle upward, due to the weight being shifted. There are candles available to the viewer. The addition or none addition of a candle may mean that the work continues to remain in situ or that one portion of the work collapses.

The materials refer to the history of this area. The original site, Brickfields was burned to the ground and a warehouse area was built up in its place that, to this day, houses a candle factory.