Duality at the Nirox Winter Show 2014

"Copper fascinates me as it holds a very powerful position in the contemporary African context. I am interested by the concept that its value is dually attributed to physical raw materials and to non physical information. This material sustains two of the world’s most important value systems simultaneously and reflects a co-dependence of physical and conceptual value. I am also fascinated that it seems to highlight the economic divide between first and third worlds.

Africa has long been associated with its raw material wealth but struggles economically to achieve basic needs for its people. It is a physically beautiful, malleable and strong but key to this artwork, it is conductive, a medium used for connectivity and exchange.

In this work I link this substance with water. These two substances are conceptually here linked because, life on earth, as we know it is currently sustained and reliant on them."

The opening of the Nirox Winter Sculpture Fair was presented by MasterCard the 10th of May, at the spectacular Nirox Sculpture Park, in the Cradle of Humankind.

Description: An 6.5 meter, hand woven, intricate copper wire piece, suspended above water. The piece is circular, hollow at the center and flares out to touch land at the edges.