Exhibition 07 September 14 to 26 September 14 Absa Art Gallery

In an interview in 2013, art critic Mary Corrigall - in conversation with Usha Seejarim in September 2013 (The Art of Access webinar series) - observed that 'artists don't look enough at each other's work'. Degrees of Separation, a collaborative and process-driven group exhibition by Assemblage, aims to respond to and interrogate this observation, to encourage conversation, collaboration and peer review among the invited exhibiting artists.

What emerges in Degrees of Separation is a group of artists who have challenged and moved beyond their existing practices through a direct or indirect engagement with the practice of their peers. Through a series of peer-mentoring workshops leading up to the exhibition, the artists spent six months looking directly at, interrogating and responding to one another’s practice and artworks.

Common (and uncommon) themes, concepts, materials, methodologies and practices were shared among the artists. Through a process of reduction and extraction at the beginning stages of the collaborative process, common (identity, narrative, repetition) and uncommon (movement, excess, absence) themes among group members were established.

The group decided that based on these themes each artist would select one word from each category and conceptualize and develop a new work based on their selection.

Features works by: Allen Laing Alphabet Zoo (Isaac Zavale and Minenkulu Ngoyi), Anthea Pokroy, Audrey Anderso,n Bevan de Wet, Carly Whitaker, Dirk Bahmann, Lois Anguria, Louise Ross, Mandy Coppes-Martin, Mandy Johnston, Nathan Jansen van Vuuren, Phumulani Ntuli, Ross Passmoor, Yael Feldman, Zwelethu Machepha.