Caste - PPC Young Sculptors Awards

Caste is an artwork that plays on the spelling of the word cast. To cast shadow, cast concrete, to cast net, cast actors in a play and caste, as in the system of classification of people in India.

It is a commentary on how "we" entrap ourselves within systems, physically and mentally, of our own making. The examples of this here being the caste system and the consumption of materials( cement being the second most consumed in the world). Represented here, the raw physicality of the concrete tubes is offset by the ethereal shadow. I would like shadow to fill space and for viewers to be able to "break" it by moving over or through it.

Aside: I used straws in the making of the work. Straws are a symbol of consumerism in my work. I like to play with concepts of value. In doing this process I was playing with the idea of translating mass-produced into artwork which is considered “unique”.