In the Presence of Absence
‘Absence suggests experience and its subtle cues reveal this in our environments and points to the existence of something that is no longer present. There are often feelings of loss, nostalgia or fear associated with absence’. ‘The ideas explored in In the presence of absence are not revolutionary; they are, however, current, basic and inherent in the human condition.’  - Mandy Johnston

This body of work explores ideas around governance and the negotiation of space. Through materials, and the materiality of objects Johnston speaks dually about intimate and collective formation/fabrication of value.

The materials used in constructing the works are particular to the idea of the temporary and transient understanding of space. Where the materials become shadows of themselves and through the artist’s intervention carry a secretive history of their origin. The subject matter is explored through the process of manipulation, formation and fabrication.

These works become keys to very intimate, personal experiences of the boundaries created by presence and absence, mirroring broader societal, political and existential issues.

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